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Exam Marathons


6 hours of exam marathon preparation – $1,500 JMD



6 hours of exam marathon preparation – $1,500 JMD

April 25 – CSEC Mathematics| CAPE Biology
May 2 – CSEC English A | CSEC Chemistry| CSEC Add Mathematics
May 16 – CSEC Mathematics | CAPE Chemistry 
May 30 – CSEC English A | CAPE Pure Mathematics | CSEC Chemistry
  • Select your preferred subject: CSEC Mathematics & Chemistry, CAPE Biology Unit 1, CAPE Pure Mathematics, CAPE Chemistry Unit 1, CSEC English A
  • Review past paper questions
  • Practice model answers
  • Access the video recordings after the sessions
  • Connect with all teachers up to 3 days after the marathons to discuss your questions etc
  • All tutors are trained and experienced teachers with 85-90% passes.
These marathons are ideal for any student who wants to prepare for the external examinations and get started as early as possible.


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