What is Peruse?

Peruse (formally registered as Original Peruse Limited) is a Jamaican edtech company that is transforming the way post-secondary students access affordable educational resources to achieve their academic goals. 

We offer new and used textbooks rentals to sixth form and tertiary students at affordable prices- without them ever leaving home. We also provide online tutoring services, homework solutions, and training to improve digital literacy skills. 

We were born out of the mantra: “No student should be left behind!”

Our Vision

Cultivating a sustainable edtech solution for tertiary students in the Caribbean.

Our Mission

Peruse will ensure all tertiary students have access to affordable educational resources towards their academic development.

Our Core Values

  • Affordability
  • Ease of Access
  • Social Good
  • Quality Service
Photo of Founder of Original Peruse Limited
Sheryl-Ann Thomas-Scott, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Meet Sheryl-Ann

After building brands for start-ups and supporting government projects as a qualified digital communications specialist for over eight years, Sheryl-Ann had a desire to create a solution that solved a persistent and real problem locally.


Armed with the same 4 pillar approach used in previous professional capacities – Research & Analytics Led, Lover of disruptive ideas & non-traditional industries, Strategy First, and an emphasis on Development & Sustainability – Sheryl- Ann registered and launched Original Peruse Limited.


She is certified in digital marketing management and strategy; holds a Master of Arts in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising from Emerson College, USA, and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Mass Communications, Minor In Spanish from Northern Caribbean University.


She enjoys swimming, reading autobiographies, photography and traveling with her husband and son.